Exploring Hong Kong

Oh Hong Kong. Electrifying skylines and awe-inspiring nature, Hong Kong seems to have the best of both worlds.

I remembered when I first stepped into what was dubbed "Asia's World City" two years ago, it was for my school final year project. I fell in love with its buzzing energy, the food (!!), shopping – everything. After all my experiences there: getting lost, encountering rude taxi drivers who almost drove us out of the city, losing my wallet, and experiencing honesty and kindness when it was returned to me, spending time with my love one; Hong Kong will always have a special place in my heart

After having visit Hong Kong several times over weekends, friends have asked me for recommendations of where to eat, what to do and etc. I thought I’d create an extensive list (from the rough one I already have done for my friends) and extend it to whoever else looking for compiled list of Hong Kong’s best eats and attractions!

Here we go:

Hong Kong Eats
* one or two I’ve never been before, but my friends have and recommended, so I’m including in this list!

Kam Wah Cafe (Location: Mong Kok)
Pineapple buns and iced milk tea!

ne Dim Sum (Location: Mong Kok)
ORDER EVERYTHING. Their mango coconut desserts are the bomb diggity. 


When in Hong Kong, you never leave without a dim sum meal.

For a one-Michelin star restaurant, this place serves affordable food. From har gows to vermicelli rolls, there is not one dish that we ordered we did not agree with. Save the best for the last: their mango coconut desserts are amazing – a soft, chewy coconut flake covered mochi-like encases the sweet mango puree within.

A whole table of food for 4 pax and each of us only paid S$10 each! The only downside here is there is almost always a queue, come 30 minutes before the actual time you want to eat.

Australia Dairy Farm (Location: Jordan)
Best scrambled eggs and macaroni, so I’ve heard...

Little Bao (Location: Central)

Artisan Cafe (Location: Central)
Crepes, brunch kind of food.


Papillion (Location: Wan Chai)
Brunch kind of food - think Egg Benedict's etc

If you’re feeling fancy:
Bread Street Kitchen & Bar
Restaurant by Gordon Ramsey.
Look for this pork dish under starters, I don’t remember its name but I do remember it’s really good!

Via Tokyo (Location: Causeway Bay)
Green tea ice cream

Night life in Hong Kong
For those who enjoy partying till the AM, head down to Lai Kui Fung! There is where the night scene and high energy is, and where you will find rows and rows of bars and clubs.
I haven’t been to many or remember all, but these places stuck with me (not all in LKF):

Cocktail bar along Hollywood Road. 
Famous for their Earl Grey Caviar Martinis, which we had. It isn’t for everyone, we were both not fond of the taste.

Dragon I (Location: Central)
Upscale clubbing venue. Dress code required.

Wooloo Mooloo Rooftop Bar (Location: Wan Chai)
Amazing view to listen to the latest hit songs and sip your sweet alcoholic drinks to.

AH-MAH-ZING view to listen to the latest hit songs and sip your sweet alcoholic drinks to.

Ozone Bar (Location: Kowloon)
Highest bar in the world. Really fancy toilets.

I can’t speak much of my experience here because we got there pretty late. It was almost empty, the city lights were no longer on, all I saw were silhouettes of the buildings. I would imagine it to have a pretty stellar view when the lights are on though.

They also do have good photo ops in the least expected place… the washroom.


Isn’t that one hell of a washroom?!

Attractions in Hong Kong
Hong Kong has its fair share of entertainment and shopping, but the best way I like to enjoy Hong Kong is through its culture and nature.

Ngong Ping 360
Crystal cabin

The top of my list is Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Hong Kong and what its landscape has to offer from the comfort of your seat. Be prepared to queue, I stood in line for three hours before being able to ride the cable car. I would have opt for the crystal cabin, unfortunately it was too long a wait and we would have missed the last bus to Tai O Fishing Village.

Either way, crystal cabin or not, the view was breathtaking.

Big Buddha, another famous attraction of Lantau Island from afar.

To get to Ngong Ping 360:
Take MTR to Tung Chung. The cable car terminal is two minute walk from exit B.

Tai O Fishing Village
Known for its stilt houses and dried seafood.

We arrived after the sun has set, hence most of the stores are close and too dark to see much.

I highly recommend to come early during the day where you can get to experience the boat rides, see the colourful row of stilt houses and maybe spot a pink dolphin or two!
To get to Tai O: Ask around where the bus interchange when on Lamma Island. Take bus 11 from there.

Victoria Peak
Experience the view of Hong Kong 396 meters above sea level

Throwback to more 2013 photos.

o get to Victoria Peak: rom Central MTR.
I can't remember how to walk there, so here is the map how you get to your destination 

There are plenty of other attractions i.e. Ocean Park, Lamma Island that you can experience in Hong Kong, but these are just some of my favourites.

That sums up my Hong Kong list, I hope this has been helpful to some who might be planning a trip there! Let me know if you are planning to visit any of these places, or what is your favourite spot in Hong Kong is!

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