Checking in: Maldives

📍Destination: Maldives

Cerulean blue against cyan waters – we were near! A peek of our airplane's window offered a small glimpse of what we were about to experience as we flew over the Indian Ocean, getting closer our destination: Maldives.


This country receives over a million visitors each year, and it’s not hard to see why. We were greeted by scenic beauty when we landed from our sea plane: the clearest ocean water I have ever seen, tropical palm trees on the pristine beach filled with the softest, warm, white sand. I would say it's the perfect screen saver.

The very moment I stepped out of the seaplane and onto the boardwalk, my sense of excitement heightened. Everything was so... perfect! The moment I've been waiting for.

Instantly (and of course), I whipped out my camera and started actively snapping photos away instead of listening to our butler explaining about the amenities of the resort and other details. Who could really blame me though?

With no time wasted, we headed to the beach to soak up all of Maldives' goodness. Sand, sea and all.




Most days were spent lazing around by the pool... with cute floats, of course.

Ten steps or less into the Indian Ocean.



Moments like these: Experiencing Maldivian sunsets.

Where we stayed: The Sun Siyam, Iru Fushi.
The island is a 45 minute sea plane ride away from the main capital, Male. The Sun Siyam is a five star hotel run by Hilton. Wonderful service, staff were polite and greeted you whenever they see you around the island. Villas were clean, housekeeping seems to be done in the morning, afternoon and evening. Thrice a day! They provide you with just about everything, including a beach bag. Equipments such as snorkelling gear and kayak boats were provided complimentary for your water adventures.

Where we ate: 
Our favourite restaurant in Sun Siyam was Trio, an Italian restaurant. My other half is hardly impressed by anything, but he was impressed with their Fettuccine Alfredo, honouring it by calling it “the best Fettuccine Alfredo I have ever eaten.” My favourite was the Lobster Spaghetti!

Given that you are on an island, it’s mainly water sports. They have excursions such as diving and ‘Lucky Dolphin Sunset Sail’, where you embark on a little trip on a yacht in hopes to spot a pod. We were less adventurous, we stuck to lazing by the pool, kayaking, snorkelling, and of course, a trip to the spa.

They have feeding sessions for baby sharks and sting rays as well!

Maldives was the perfect getaway from the city, and I can’t wait to be back in the future. Hopefully I will get to overcome my fear of being in deep waters and go for a proper snorkelling trip, or even better, a diving trip!

Till then,