Beauty Tech Review: FOREO's UFO Is About To Revolutionize The Way We Mask

From bubble masks to magnetic masks and even 24k masks, there are a plethora of innovative masks out there for you to try and add to your skincare routine.

However, FOREO intends to change the way we traditionally mask with one small device: UFO, acronyms for Ur Future Obsession. In January 2018, FOREO disrupted the beauty industry when it introduced the device on Kickstarter project, which was so successful it reached its goal of US$20,000 within 24 hours of launching and achieved a cool US$1.5m by the end of its campaign. The innovative beauty gadget aims to help us maximise facial masks and achieve a spa-like treatment in the comfort of our home, all in 90 seconds. 90 seconds? All I can think of doing in 90 seconds is microwaving my leftovers for lunch. 

One mask (device) to rule them all.

One mask (device) to rule them all.

At the end of the day, as fun as it is to test all sorts of gimmicky masks, what we all want is results and FOREO's UFO delivers just that.

So how do UFO works?

By using hyper-infusion technology, a combination of thermotechnology and its trademark T-Sonic pulsations, UFO helps active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin, thus maximising the mask and achieving the flawless skin you desire.

One of UFO’s exciting feature is its cryotherapy mode, which is usually only found in professional machines in salons. This mode would help reduce inflammation and diminish the appearance of pores. I notice cryotherapy facials have recently been trending, so I was especially intrigued in this feature and eager to test its performance.

UFO also allows you to enjoy phototherapy treatments – blue LED: kills acne-causing bacteria; green LED: brightens dull complexion and red LED: reduces fine lines.

The light is adjustable via its corresponding app.

The light is adjustable via its corresponding app.

First Impressions

I ordered UFO on their Kickstarter project in February 2018 and paid US$169 for it and received it around mid-April. It came with two single masks – Make My Day and Call It A Night, and two boxes of the same masks. I thought the device was absolutely adorable and feels comfortable in my hand with its silicone case. I love the gold detailing and the gold application surface, which is gold-plated as stated on its website so that’s kind of cool. It also came with a stand to place the device when not in use. With its convenient size, I could see how easy it would be to travel overseas with it.


Ready For Take Off

To use FOREO's UFO, you are required to download its corresponding app

To be honest, connecting the device to the app was bothersome. There were times when I would activate the device to connect to the app via Bluetooth, but it would take a while and sometimes a few tries before it actually connects.

After connecting, you have to scan the barcode on the mask so the device knows which program to use. Before the app was updated with its cryotherapy mode, it was not necessary to scan the barcode but after they updated it, the session will only proceed after scanning the barcode, causing a minor inconvenience for me as I prefer to not touch anything after I washed my hands to minimise the number of germs that get in contact with my face.

Once you have scanned the barcode, the app will instruct you accordingly to secure the mask to the device by removing the attachment ring, sliding the mask on the gold plate, and clipping back the attachment ring into place with the FOREO logo facing up. 

Treatment, in 3, 2, 1...

Once that is all sorted, just press Start Treatment on the app. It will begin its countdown and when it starts, you simply move the device in a circular motion around your face to distribute the mask essence evenly your skin. 

For Make My Day treatment, it begins by prepping your skin with thermotherapy and red LED for 30 seconds, followed with the addition of T-Sonic pulsations to facilitate absorption of hydrating ingredients for 30 seconds before transitioning to the green LED and low-frequency pulsations for the last 30 seconds to even skin tone.

For Call It A Night treatment, thermotherapy opens pores and infuses ingredients into the skin with the help of T-Sonic pulsations, and red LED stimulates collagen production. After 60 seconds, T-Sonic pulsations are reduced to a lower frequency combined with red LED to improve blood circulation and restore skin elasticity. 

Foreo Session 05.gif

And you’re done. The entire process was comfortable with the warmth from the thermotechnology and T-Sonic pulsations, I do kind of wish it would last longer. According to the FOREO app, you can go for another round, or just finish your masking session. Any excess serum left on the mask or in the package, I would use it on my arms and legs.


Get Your Mask On

At the moment, FOREO only has two kind of masks available – Make My Day, an anti-pollution and hydrating facial treatment consisting of luxurious red algae and hyaluronic acid, and Call It A Night, a nourishing and revitalising facial treatment formulated with rich olive oil and rejuvenating ginseng. The website and packaging state the masks are formulated and made in Korea – beauty capital of the world and innovators of new skincare and beauty trends, so you can expect a certain quality of its masks. It retails at a reasonable price of $9.99 for a pack of seven masks.

On the app under Coming Soon, it reveals there are five other masks – from brightening to extra purifying – will be available soon, so I’m excited to try those out when they do!

Is It Worth It?

FOREO’s UFO delivered excellent results for me in just 90 seconds,  which is pretty amazing. When I first used UFO with Make My Day, my skin instantly felt hydrated and my skin texture was not as rough as before.

When I first moved to Boston in a few months ago, my skin was a wreak. It was used to high humidity and the dry and cold weather in the US caused my skin to be dehydrated and rough; no amount sheet masks or different moisturisers I used would make it feel plump and hydrated as it was before. Then my skin met UFO. I think its T-Sonic pulsations have contributed greatly to facilitate the absorption of active ingredients into my skin, which is why results were instantaneous.  Skincare doesn’t usually deliver instant results, so the fact that UFO could improve my skin condition within 90 seconds is incredible.

Despite the inconvenient app which could be improved, the masking session itself was enjoyable. The warmth from the thermotechnology was comfortable and the size of the device with its medical-grade silicone case makes it easy to hold and glide the device around. The short time commitment required and efficacy of UFO used with its masks gives no excuse to not take care of your skin, especially for time-strapped individuals. Cleaning up is easy too, you simply rinse it under running water. I’ll usually also use a q-tip to clean up the hollow area where the attachment ring sits to rid of any excess serum sitting there and dry it with a tissue after.

FOREO’s UFO will set you back a hefty US$279, but if you’re willing to invest in a good skincare device that delivers outstanding results efficiently, you are able to get the device here. Consider this: if you use UFO every week for a year, you spend US$5.80 per session (not including masks), which might seem pretty reasonable considering there are sheet masks retailing at Sephora for US$12, and a facial would cost you well over $100 a month.

I’m not too sure if it will be Ur Future Obsession, but it certainly is mine. 



The New Gadget I Won’t Be Heading To The Gym Without – Sudio Tre

Tired of annoying wires getting in the way while working out? I know I am.

Introducing Sudio Tre, the first wireless sports earphones from Sudio Sweden that is known for their functional yet beautiful, minimalistic products. Designed specially for individuals who lead an active lifestyle, Sudio Tre is sweat-proof; the earbuds are constructed of a rubber material with wingtips to help them stay in place. These earbuds come in three different sized wingtips to ensure the perfect fit so they won’t slip while you try to stay fit.

Setting up these earphones were simple and straightforward. Simply on your phone's Bluetooth, hold down the middle button for a few seconds, connect with Sudio Tre on your phone and you're set! 

Setting up these earphones were simple and straightforward. Simply on your phone's Bluetooth, hold down the middle button for a few seconds, connect with Sudio Tre on your phone and you're set! 

Going For A Test Run

I’ve been wanting to try out a pair of wireless earphones, so I was pretty excited to give Sudio Tre a try, especially since I just moved into a building with a gym.

While I’m not a big fan of running, I like to listen to music while practising yoga at home so time moves a little faster. Following instructions while watching Yoga with Adriene on YouTube also gets easier. All these would not be possible with my standard Apple earphones, and my Bose headphones are far too bulky to be doing yoga with, especially when in inverted poses such as a downward facing dog. Sudio Tre managed to stay well in place while I was flowing from pose to pose. 

Sudio Tre Yoga.jpg

I have also tried these earphones in the gym while exercising on the elliptical, doing weights and also for the sake of testing how well they would stay in place and its comfort while running, I ran on the treadmill for a good 20 minutes. To my delight, they were comfortable and there was no need to fiddle with it, trying to make them stay in place, which made my 20 minutes of running less painful.

If you prefer to exercise outside, this pair of earphones offer full sound transparency so you’re still able to hear to your surroundings, keeping you safe from any potential accidents. 

As I don’t like to touch my phone with my sweaty hands, most of the time I would leave my phone in one corner and this worked perfectly with Sudio Tre. With an effective Bluetooth range of 15m, I was able to walk from one end of the gym to get dumbbells and then back to the treadmill without any disconnection, which can be annoying when you’re jamming to your favourite song. Yes, it’s not safe to leave your belongings in one corner but usually, I only do it when the gym is not very crowded. 

If you're lazy to charge your electronics (me), lucky for you because these earphones are ready to go in 10 minutes (for a quick charge) so you can charge them last minute before hitting the gym and they charge completely in 120 minutes. They are able to run for nine hours and last up to 10 days on standby. Sudio Tre is also compatible with iPhones and Android devices and is also Siri compatible. Yay!

Is It Worth It?

While I cannot compare Sudio Tre with other wireless sports earphones in the market because this is honestly the first pair I have tried, I’m impressed with the sound quality. It’s easy to use, does its job well of staying in place while I exercised and I'm able to move around freely with no disconnection to my music. The only thing is that I feel the earbuds are a little too big for my ears so it’s not as comfortable as I would like it to be if I wear it for long. Otherwise, I’m satisfied with Sudio Tre and it’s definitely a wonderful addition to bring to the gym! Once you go wireless, you can’t go back.

Sudio Tre retails for S$149 on their official website here and Sudio Sweden offers free worldwide shipping via DHL. I love free shipping so they won me over there. Delivery was speedy and arrived about five days after it was ordered. Ooh, did I mention all purchases from their official website also comes with a one-year international warranty?

These are already all wonderful perks, but there’s more. Sudio Sweden will be offering a complimentary tote bag with every purchase from their website as part of their pre-summer promotion. This ends 31 May so act quick!  If you’re interested in getting the earphones, there is also a 15% discount available if you use the code: christinetanlx

Free shipping, efficient delivery, free tote bag, 15% discount. Only free food would be able to beat this offer.

I hope this review was helpful and until next time!